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American Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research
American Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Research offers accessible coverage of this complex and dynamic field. The journal covers current thinking on food and nutrition emphasizing the practical and social application of ideas. Special editions focusing on topics including micronutrients, special diets for management of health problems and cost sector catering provide readable content that is an invaluable resource for practitioners and academics wishing to inform themselves, their colleagues, or the public on modern thinking, research, and attitudes to food and nutrition.
ISSN Print: 2381-621X
ISSN Online: 2381-6228
Volume 2, Issue 2, March 2015
Consumers' Attitude towards Food Additives
Binnur  Kaptan,   Serap  Kayısoglu
Pages: 21-25  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 253  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 2179  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Effect of Weeding on the Growth and Yield of Three Varieties of Lentil (Lens culinaris L.)
M.  A. Awal,   Ashotus  Roy
Pages: 26-31  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 55  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1451  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Influence of Pre-Treatments on Some Nutritional and Anti-Nutritional Contents of Solanum macrocarpon (Gbagba)
O.  O. Ojo,   K.  A. Taiwo,   M.  Scalon,   D.  J. Oyedele,   O.  O. Akinremi
Pages: 32-39  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 36  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1135  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Improvement of the Pasting Properties of Yam Flour/Cassava Starch Blend Enriched with Soybean Flour for Preparation of Yam Meal
Anuonye  J. C.,   Saad  M. F.
Pages: 40-46  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 35  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1039  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Effect of Adding Smoke Liquid or Powder to Goat’s Milk on Some Characteristics of Domiatti Cheese
El-Tahra  M. A. Ammar,   Ismail  M. M.,   El-Metwally  R. I.
Pages: 47-56  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 50  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1168  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Mathematical Modeling of pH Variation as a Function of Temperature and Time in Kefir Production
Binnur  Kaptan,   Serap  Kayısoglu,   Omer  Oksuz
Pages: 57-61  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 60  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1485  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Effect of Proteases & Carbohydrases on Dough Rheology and End Quality of Cookie
Rahil  Ahmed,   Rashida  Ali,   Muhammad  Shakeel Khan,   Syed  Asad Sayeed,   Jahangir  Saeed,   Fariha  Yousufi
Pages: 62-66  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 23  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 970  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Effect of Plastic Cling Film on the Shelf Life of Carrot
Raees-ul  Haq,   Kamlesh  Prasad
Pages: 67-69  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 36  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1100  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Energy Drinks Consumption in a Population of Youth and Young Adults in Argentina
Susana  Carnevali,   María  Claudia Degrossi
Pages: 70-78  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 162  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 2319  Since Aug. 28, 2015
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