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American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences
American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences is devoted to publish scientific and technical information in the field of Biological, and Life sciences. With 6 issues per year, the Journal aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the respective fields. The emphasis will be on publishing high quality articles and providing free access to researchers worldwide. through online .The Journal publishes research articles, reviews, short communications and case studies containing original research works of good standards.
ISSN Print: 2381-3784
ISSN Online: 2381-3792
Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2015
Combined Effect of Explant, Inoculation Time and Co-cultivation Period on Agrobacterium - Mediated Genetic Transformation in Cucumber (Var. Shital)
S.  M. Faisal,   M.  S. Haque,   K.  M. Nasiruddin
Pages: 199-205  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 71  Since Sep. 29, 2015    Views: 2042  Since Sep. 29, 2015
Maternal Exposure of Mouse to Low-Dose of Trichloroethane is Associated with Increased Birth Weight and Early Neonatal Neurobehavioral Abnormalities
Mohamed  A. Al-Griw,   Massaud  S. Maamar,   Naser  M. Salama,   Lubna  N. Algadi,   Abdul  Hakim S. Elnfati,   Emad  M. Bennour
Pages: 206-210  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 51  Since Sep. 29, 2015    Views: 2119  Since Sep. 29, 2015
Effect of Stocking Densities on Growth and Feed Utilization of Hybrid Catfish (Clarias gariepinus X Heterobranchus longifilis) Fed at 1% Body Weight
Chukwuma  Okereke Ofor,   Ofonime  Edet Afia
Pages: 211-217  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 68  Since Oct. 10, 2015    Views: 2605  Since Oct. 10, 2015
The Effect of Low Level He-Ne Laser on Spawning Behavior in Common Carp Fish Cyprinus carpio
Ladha  Mohammed Abies,   Alaa  Tareq Shakir Al-Hassnawi,   Moayed  Jassim Al-Amari
Pages: 218-222  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 52  Since Oct. 14, 2015    Views: 1993  Since Oct. 14, 2015
A Comparative Study in Isolation of Saprolegniaceae Species from Infected Eggs, Larvae and Adults Common Carp Fish in Two Fish Hatcheries, in Middle of Iraq
Rana  Hadi Al-Shammari,   Khalid  Abdul Razak Habib,   Emaduldeen  Al-Mukhtar
Pages: 223-227  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 45  Since Oct. 14, 2015    Views: 1857  Since Oct. 14, 2015
Effect of Lisinopril, an Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor, on Fibrotic Liver Regeneration
Aysha  Ambreen,   Samina  Jalali,   Sarwat  Jahan,   Naushaba  Memom,   Riffat  Gilani
Pages: 228-231  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 45  Since Oct. 23, 2015    Views: 1922  Since Oct. 23, 2015
Mode of Cell Death in Mouse Brain Following Early Exposure to Low-Dose Trichloroethane: Apoptosis or Necrosis
Mohamed  A. Al-Griw,   Abdul  Hakim Elnfati,   Naser  M. Salama,   Massaud  S. Maamar,   Soad  A. Treesh,   Taher  Shaibi
Pages: 232-240  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 38  Since Oct. 24, 2015    Views: 1981  Since Oct. 24, 2015
Faunestic Diversity and Distribution of Cestode Parasites of Piscean, Avian and Mammalian Host
Dhanraj  Balbhim Bhure,   Sanjay  Shamrao Nanware
Pages: 241-245  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 72  Since Nov. 3, 2015    Views: 2451  Since Nov. 3, 2015
Survey of Some Gastrointestinal Cestodes and Nematodes from Stray Cats at Baghdad City, Iraq
Abdul-Razzak  Labi Al-Rubaie,   Furhan  Thumad Mhaisen,   Abdul-Rahman  Aziz Al-Tae
Pages: 246-253  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 39  Since Nov. 3, 2015    Views: 1972  Since Nov. 3, 2015
Adaptation of Grass Pea as Sole and Relay Cropping Systems with Transplanted Aman Rice in Sylhet Region of Bangladesh
Mahmudul  Islam Nazrul,   Md.  Rayhan Shaheb
Pages: 254-259  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 38  Since Nov. 4, 2015    Views: 2147  Since Nov. 4, 2015
Seed Culture of Aromatic Rice Varieties Under Salt Stress
P.  Roy,   M.  Hasan,   M.  G. Rasul,   M.  M. Hossain
Pages: 260-264  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 86  Since Nov. 11, 2015    Views: 2540  Since Nov. 11, 2015
The Abundance and Diversity of Aquatic Invertebrates in Uwa - West / Ikot Ebak River, Essien Udim, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Esenowo  I. K.,   Akpabio  E. E.,   Adeyemi-Ale  O. A.
Pages: 265-268  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 35  Since Nov. 12, 2015    Views: 1789  Since Nov. 12, 2015
Abortifacient Efficacy of Moringa oleifera Leave: An Experimental Study on Adult Female Wistar Rats
Ekhator  C. N.,   Osifo  U. C.
Pages: 269-272  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 27  Since Dec. 9, 2015    Views: 1678  Since Dec. 9, 2015
Haematology and Growth Performance of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell) to Diets Formulated with Aspatharia sinuata (L) Meal
Adefila  Olushola Olubunmi,   Nzeh  Gladys Chioma
Pages: 273-289  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 33  Since Dec. 9, 2015    Views: 1902  Since Dec. 9, 2015
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