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American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences
American Journal of Biology and Life Sciences is devoted to publish scientific and technical information in the field of Biological, and Life sciences. With 6 issues per year, the Journal aims to provide the most complete and reliable source of information on current developments in the respective fields. The emphasis will be on publishing high quality articles and providing free access to researchers worldwide. through online .The Journal publishes research articles, reviews, short communications and case studies containing original research works of good standards.
ISSN Print: 2381-3784
ISSN Online: 2381-3792
Volume 3, Issue 5, October 2015
Evaluation of the Use of Orange Flavour Essence as Killing Agent in Trapping of Insects in a Fallow Plot in Awka, Nigeria
Ogu  R. A.,   Ewuim  S. C.,   Akunne  C. E.,   Ononye  B. U.,   Abajue  M. C.
Pages: 147-150  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 68  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 2544  Since Aug. 28, 2015
Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Melastomastrum capitatum (Vahl) A. Fern. & R. Fern. (Melastomataceae) Leaf Methanol Extract
Ukwubile  Cletus Anes,   Elsie  Joseph Agabila
Pages: 151-154  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 46  Since Aug. 28, 2015    Views: 1818  Since Aug. 28, 2015
The Toxicity Effect of Nano Fungi Isaria fumosorosea and Metarhizium flavoviride Against the Potato Tuber Moth, Phthorimaea operculella (Zeller)
Sabbour  M. M.
Pages: 155-160  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 50  Since Sep. 3, 2015    Views: 1740  Since Sep. 3, 2015
Monogenean Infections on Some Fishes from Lesser Zab River, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
Shamall  Mohammad Amin Abdullah,   Maysoon  Omar Nasraddin
Pages: 161-167  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 56  Since Sep. 3, 2015    Views: 1844  Since Sep. 3, 2015
Isolation, Structural Characterization and Antioxidant Activities of Polysaccharide from Ganoderma lucidum (Higher Basidiomycetes)
Kannan  Mohan,   Muthusamy  Padmanaban,   Venkatachalam  Uthayakumar
Pages: 168-175  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 49  Since Sep. 8, 2015    Views: 1959  Since Sep. 8, 2015
Observations on Fishes and Their Parasites of Darbandikhan Lake, Kurdistan Region in North Iraq
Younis  S. Abdullah,   Shamall  M. A. Abdullah
Pages: 176-180  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 30  Since Sep. 16, 2015    Views: 1855  Since Sep. 16, 2015
Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications in Najaf City, Iraq
B.  A. Almayahi
Pages: 181-186  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 28  Since Sep. 19, 2015    Views: 1807  Since Sep. 19, 2015
Food Coloring Analysis in Four Selected Dishes
Md.  Abdul Hakim
Pages: 187-189  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 49  Since Sep. 23, 2015    Views: 2168  Since Sep. 23, 2015
Association of Typing HLA with Toxoplasmosis in Iraqi Women Patients
Yassir  Dakheel Kremsh Alasadiy,   Hawraa  Hamza Abbas
Pages: 190-193  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 29  Since Sep. 29, 2015    Views: 1524  Since Sep. 29, 2015
Metabolites Screening of Nano Elicited in vitro Iranian Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)
Maziar  Bahreini,   Mansour  Omidi,   Fereydoon  Bondarian,   Majid  Gholibaygian
Pages: 194-198  |  >>Abstract
Downloads: 29  Since Sep. 29, 2015    Views: 1623  Since Sep. 29, 2015
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