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Open Science Journal of Clinical Medicine
Open Science Journal of Clinical Medicine is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of clinical medicine. To publish a broad range of content, including original research, review, guidance, and opinion, for the continuing medical and professional education of physicians. To promote balanced and responsible debate on a variety of subjects, including the latest developments in medicine, healthcare, ethics and clinical leadership. To maintain high levels of editorial integrity and to engage, inform and support the life-long learning of doctors of all grades.
ISSN Print: 2381-4748
ISSN Online: 2381-4756
About This Journal
The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:
⊙ Allergy and clinical immunology
⊙ Cancer research and clinical oncology
⊙ Clinical anaesthesiology
⊙ Clinical anatomy
⊙ Clinical and applied thrombosis
⊙ Clinical and experimental allergy
⊙ Clinical and experimental dermatology
⊙ Clinical and experimental hypertension
⊙ Clinical and experimental immunology
⊙ Clinical and experimental medicine
⊙ Clinical and experimental metastasis
⊙ Clinical and experimental nephrology
⊙ Clinical and experimental ophthalmology
⊙ Clinical and experimental optometry
⊙ Clinical and experimental otorhinolaryngology
⊙ Clinical and experimental pathology
⊙ Clinical and experimental pharmacology
⊙ Clinical and molecular allergy
⊙ Clinical and translational oncology
⊙ Clinical anesthesia
⊙ Clinical apheresis
⊙ Clinical autonomic research
⊙ Clinical biochemistry and nutrition
⊙ Clinical biomechanics
⊙ Clinical cardiology
⊙ Clinical case studies
⊙ Clinical child psychology and psychiatry
⊙ Clinical chiropractic
⊙ Clinical densitometry
⊙ Clinical effectiveness in nursing
⊙ Clinical endocrinology and metabolism
⊙ Clinical epidemiology
⊙ Clinical forensic medicine
⊙ Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology
⊙ Clinical genetics
⊙ Clinical haematology
⊙ Clinical hypertension
⊙ Clinical imaging
⊙ Clinical immunology
⊙ Clinical implant dentistry
⊙ Clinical interventions in aging
⊙ Clinical laboratory analysis
⊙ Clinical linguistics and phonetics
⊙ Clinical lipidology
⊙ Clinical microbiology and antimicrobials
⊙ Clinical microbiology and infection
⊙ Clinical microbiology and infectious diseases
⊙ Clinical molecular pathology
⊙ Clinical monitoring and computing
⊙ Clinical neurology and neurosurgery
⊙ Clinical neurophysiology
⊙ Clinical neuropsychology
⊙ Clinical neuroradiology
⊙ Clinical neuroscience
⊙ Clinical nursing
⊙ Clinical nutrition
⊙ Clinical obstetrics and gynaecology
⊙ Clinical oncology and cancer research
⊙ Clinical ophthalmology
⊙ Clinical oral implants research
⊙ Clinical oral investigations
⊙ Clinical orthopaedics and related research
⊙ Clinical otolaryngology
⊙ Clinical pathology
⊙ Clinical pediatric emergency medicine
⊙ Clinical periodontology
⊙ Clinical pharmacology and toxicology
⊙ Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics
⊙ Clinical physiology and functional imaging
⊙ Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health
⊙ Clinical psychology and psychotherapy
⊙ Clinical psychology in medical settings
⊙ Clinical radiology
⊙ Clinical rehabilitation
⊙ Clinical research and regulatory affairs
⊙ Clinical research in cardiology
⊙ Clinical respiratory
⊙ Clinical rheumatology
⊙ Clinical simulation in nursing
⊙ Clinical sleep medicine
⊙ Clinical techniques in small animal practice
⊙ Clinical therapeutics
⊙ Clinical toxicology
⊙ Clinical transplantation
⊙ Clinical trials
⊙ Clinical ultrasound
⊙ Clinical virology
⊙ Complementary therapies
⊙ Consulting and clinical psychology
⊙ Contemporary clinical trials
⊙ Controlled clinical trials
⊙ Diabetes research
⊙ Evaluation in clinical practice
⊙ Fundamental and clinical pharmacology
⊙ Hereditary cancer in clinical practice
⊙ Human psychopharmacology
⊙ Innovations in clinical neuroscience
⊙ Laboratory and clinical medicine
⊙ Clinical neurophysiology
⊙ Nutrition in clinical practice
⊙ Pacing and clinical electrophysiology
⊙ Psychiatry in clinical practice
⊙ Therapeutics and clinical risk management
⊙ Veterinary clinical pathology
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