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International Journal of Microbiology and Application
International Journal of Microbiology and Application is peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bimonthly and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Microbiology. Descriptions and summarys of a wide range of journals in all areas of microbiology to help the microbiologist make decisions on the best journal for the submission of manuscripts and for research.
ISSN Print: 2381-442X
ISSN Online: 2381-4438
About This Journal
The journal publishes original papers including but not limited to the following fields:
⊙ Anaerobe
⊙ Annals of clinical microbiology and antimicrobials
⊙ Annual review of microbiology
⊙ Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy
⊙ Antiviral research
⊙ Applied and environmental microbiology
⊙ Applied biochemistry and microbiology
⊙ Applied microbiology and biotechnology
⊙ Aquatic microbial ecology
⊙ Archives of microbiology
⊙ Archives of virology
⊙ Cell
⊙ Cellular microbiology
⊙ Clinical microbiology and infection
⊙ Clinical microbiology newsletter
⊙ Clinical microbiology reviews
⊙ Critical reviews in microbiology
⊙ Advances in applied microbiology and biotechnology
⊙ Current microbiology
⊙ Current opinion in microbiology
⊙ Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease
⊙ Drug resistance updates
⊙ Environmental microbiology
⊙ Enzyme and microbial technology
⊙ Experimental parasitology
⊙ Fems immunology and medical microbiology
⊙ Fems microbiology ecology
⊙ Fems microbiology letters
⊙ Fems microbiology reviews
⊙ Fems yeast research
⊙ Food microbiology
⊙ Fungal genetics & biology
⊙ Helicobacter
⊙ Hygiene und mikrobiologie
⊙ Infection
⊙ Infection and immunity
⊙ Infection, genetics and evolution
⊙ International microbiology
⊙ Intervirology
⊙ Lancet
⊙ Letters in applied microbiology
⊙ Medical microbiology and immunology
⊙ Microbes and infection
⊙ Microbial drug resistance
⊙ Microbial ecology
⊙ Microbial ecology in health & disease
⊙ Microbial ecology in health and disease
⊙ Microbial pathogenesis
⊙ Microbiological research
⊙ Microfauna marina
⊙ Microscopy and microanalysis
⊙ Mikrokosmos
⊙ Molecular and biochemical parasitology
⊙ Molecular microbiology
⊙ Molecular plant-microbe interactions
⊙ Mycoses
⊙ Oral microbiology & immunology
⊙ Parasitology international
⊙ Proceedings of the royal microscopical society
⊙ Protist
⊙ Research in microbiology
⊙ Review of medical & veterinary mycology
⊙ Reviews in medical microbiology
⊙ Reviews in medical microbiology
⊙ Reviews in medical virology
⊙ Trends in microbiology
⊙ Veterinary microbiology
⊙ Virologie
⊙ Virus research
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