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Sound Speed in Fluid Alkali Metals
Current Issue
Volume 6, 2019
Issue 2 (April)
Pages: 44-51   |   Vol. 6, No. 2, April 2019   |   Follow on         
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Balasubramanian Ramasamy, Department of Physics, Arignar Anna Government Arts College, Namakkal, India.
Ruba Karuppannan, Department of Physics, Arignar Anna Government Arts College, Namakkal, India.
The alkali metals are typical metals. The characteristic properties of alkali metals prompt the investigation of the structure and interaction at the molecular level. Moreover, the alkali metals have high heat of vaporization, high thermal conductivity, low viscosity and a wide range of liquid densities. This makes them good heat transfer fluids in reactors operating at high temperature and at high-energy rate. These facts underscore the scientific and technological significance of the study of the thermodynamic properties of fluid alkali metals. Sound speed is one of the characteristic properties of fluids, the experimental determination of the sound speed in fluid alkali metals, particularly at high temperatures, encounters severe difficulties due to the fact that the alkali metals are highly reactive at high temperatures. Hence, arises the necessity for theoretical study of the sound speed in fluid alkali metals. In this work, the sound speed in fluid alkali metals has been determined based on the three parameters generalized van der Waals equation of state, over a wide range of temperatures from the boiling point to the critical point. With the increase in temperature, sound speed in fluid alkali metals decreases. In the temperature range from the boiling point to 0.9TC, the sound speed in fluid alkali metals has a parabolic dependence on the temperature with TC as the critical temperature. In the temperature range from 0.9TC to TC, the sound speed in fluid alkali metals has a linear dependence on temperature with a small negative slope. As the generalized van der Waals equation of state accurately determines the thermophysical properties of alkali metals in wide a range of temperatures from boiling point to critical point, the obtained data on the sound speed in fluid alkali metals may be considered to be reliable.
Alkali Metals, Sound Speed, Equation of State
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